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Dr. Ashley Mayer

Dr. Green Mom® Founder & CEO

Hi Friends! 👋

I'm a mom of two Littles over here, who also happens to be a doctor! I started this company almost 15 years ago, as a labor of love. Being a parent is mostly rewarding, but oftentimes overwhelming, at best.

I created this VIP Membership to help make the overwhelming times more manageable. Join me and literally hundreds of other likeminded parents, as we journey through foundational health, illness prevention and treatment, vaccine strategy, informed consent, medical freedom, and so much more!


Dr. Theresa Camozzi (Retired)

Dr. Green Mom® Vice President & Chief Medical Officer

Hi Everyone! 🌿

I’m Ashley’s mom-friend who also happens to be a doctor!* We met in school and have been besties since. 

As a new mom, Ashley was the person that I called to ask all my weird questions, to freak out over the little and big things, and whenever I was overwhelmed- which was a lot! 

Learning to be a parent, and look after your kids in a different, healthier way than the norm takes a lot of effort, a lot of learning, and a lot of support. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a doctor/mom friend on speed-dial! Although you won’t be able to call us in the middle of the night here, you'll be able to hop into the membership anytime to find treatment ideas, know when to call the doctor, and find friendship in our parent forum. I’m so happy you’re here!

*I was previously a naturopathic doctor in B.C. Canada, but I’ve retired from practice to devote my energy full time to the Dr. Green Mom community.


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