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To create your own vaccine schedule, unique to your child, the course below may be appropriate. FAQ's are below.

Vaccine Strategy Guide

Unbiased. Reliable. Science Based. From A Physician.

An intensive course to educate and empower parents to make informed vaccine decisions because the current vaccine schedule is NOT a one size fits all for our children.


Be Educated. Be Informed. 

This online education course is for those who:
  • Would like clarity regarding their vaccination options
  • Are being bullied by their pediatrician when asking about vaccine options
  • Do not have a vaccine plan in place and wants to understand their options
  • Live in a state where vaccines are mandated for school entry (currently CA, NY, WV, ME, & CT)
  • Are looking for unbiased, science based references
  • Are healthcare professionals looking for unbiased, science based references
  • Plan to vaccinate according to the CDC
  • Plan to vaccinate according to an alternative schedule

What's Included in the Vaccine Strategy Course


In Depth Disease & Vaccine Tutorials

This section was created to educate you, the parent, what each disease is, and the what/why of each vaccine.

  • ​ FDA Package Inserts, Ingredients, Efficacy, Side Effects.
  •  Is There A Safer Brand Of The Same Vaccine?
  • Current Controversy With Each Disease/Vaccine.
  • Vaccine Safety Studies/Vaccine Injury Studies.

Vaccine Schedule Options For Your Child

Because vaccine schedules are not a one-size fits all, we go into great detail which schedules fit best with specific populations. 

  • Timing Of Vaccines, Genetic Testing & SNPs.
  • State/Childcare Mandates And How To Proceed.
  • Sample Schedules For Specific Populations & Risk Factors.
  • Vaccine Precautions, and who should not get vaccinated. 

Vaccine Supplement Regimens

How to Support Your Child’s Neurological and Immune Systems Through Vaccination (the two areas affected most by vaccines).

  • Reduce The Risk Of Side Effects And Adverse Events.
  • Which Supplements to Give Your Child.
  • Supplement Recommendations By Age/Weight.
  • Extremely Important Tips For The Day Of Vaccination.

Vaccine Special Interest Topics

Most important topics generally not discussed with you at your well-child visits, but should be.

  • Vaccine Ingredients Are Most To Blame For Vaccine Injury.
  • State Laws and Exemptions.
  • Aborted Fetal Cell Lines; In Which Vaccines And Why.
  • ​VAERS And How To Report An Adverse Event.
  • The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Bonus Content


Putting It All Together For Parents On The Go

For parents who want the big picture, but with the small, most important details included. Easy to navigate and even easier to understand.

Science Based Vaccine Detox Guide

There are risks with vaccination, including the ingredients used to make them work more effectively. Aluminum being of most concern to parents.


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